888.com Premier League Darts – Week 7 Brighton Results

888.com Premier League Darts – Week 7 Brighton Results

888.com premier league
888.com Week 8 of the Premier League in Brighton

My preview of tonight’s games can be found here; http://www.pdc-darts.co.uk/?p=8570 with all my predictions.

Here we go – GAME ON from Brighton, the darts are about to start.  Full results will be posted below, updated throughout the evenings play…

This evenings walk-on girls are; Jacqui Adams and Erica Wild – both are on my twitter!

Of course Taylor is back with last year’s Phase 5 Rosso Darts, with which he hit a 113.6 average in the RTL7 International masters final on Monday!

Week Seven, March 24 – The Brighton Centre

Mark Webster 2-8 Simon Whitlock

Nice 140 checkout for Whitlock, 2-0 up.  Webster doesn’t let him break a 2nd time, and it’s 2-1.  2nd break by Whitlock, who takes out 80 to go 4-1 up.  Webster doesn’t seem to be firing tonight so far…  Webster misses 3 darts for d20… Whitlock hits d1, 1, d1 for a fanastic 5 finish!!   Webster hits a d20 to take a leg, but even then he shakes his head, knowing he’s not playing well.  Webster does wear his emotions – obviously upset as he makes a retreated.  Whitlock with an impressive 8-2 win. 50% on the checkouts for the Wizard.

Adrian Lewis 7-7 Terry Jenkins

Both players start well, winning on their throw.  Jenkins and Adrian have a little chat for a while, seems there might be a slight breeze again.  Jenkins breaks!  He started well, and Lewis wasn’t hitting big enough scores on his own throw.  Lewis breaks straight back just before they head in for a break.  Jenkins needs 100 to hold.. but then hits 1!! Lewis on 50… 10.. then d20 on his 3rd dart to break.. 5-3.  Lewis then holds his throw, 6-3.   Jenkins misses darts to break back… but then Lewis misses 3 for 24 … and Jenkins manages to take the leg on his third dart d5. 6-5.

Well well well… we have our first draw, and not in the game I predicted!   Well played Jenkins!

Raymond van Barneveld 8-5 Gary Anderson

Here we go.. what a game up next!  Gary getting some boos on his throw, some ‘English revenge’ me thinks.  But I hope it stops, as he’s a class player, and great bloke, and doesn’t deserve it.

Anderson breaks the Barney throw, may shut the boos up a bit. I did predict he’d win this, as Barney has been sick with flu. Anderson holds… 2-0 up. Barney does look a little ‘off’ – no colour in his cheeks. Should be Anderson all the way tonight.

OK.. so Barney looking like he’s ignoring the flu now. Anderson doesn’t look confident… 3-2 Barney.  . then Anderson hits a bull 121 finish and it’s 3-3 and the first break.  Barney throwing nice n smooth n silky again, some lovely 180’s. 5-3 up, with Anderson shaking his head.  Gary manages to hold throw to keep it to 6-4, but he’s not looking like he’ll get anything from this game.  A massive 81 (t19, d12) there from Anderson, massive because he’s winning legs and looking much more like it now.  6-5.  Point for Barney, 19 d20 for his 59. Nice n smooth. 7-5 and a break. Anderson had gone for two bulls.. but could be game over.

Barney wins 8-5.. and looked very good for it. He’s looking good for the finals at Wembley. TOP OF THE LEAGUE.

Phil Taylor 8-1 James Wade

Taylor holds his throw to go 1 up.  Wade goes for two double tops to try and hold his … just misses on the 2nd!  Taylor breaks with d16.  3-0 to Taylor.. the double double top works for the Power.  3-1 and Wade holds throw… Wade looks focused.. but Taylor hitting big scores with his ‘old’ darts.  Ouch.. lovely bull Finnish from Taylor there… looking very good. very good. 108 average and 4-1 up.  6-1… When Taylor gets comfortable.. it’s just too scary. Got to feel for Wade here.

Well that was VERY one sided.  Taylor was very relaxed, more so than I’ve seen in a while.  I think that will hurt Wade, who never really got into the game at all.