Nicola Cowell – THE darts babe talks to Darts, Beers & Cheers!

Nicola Cowell – THE darts babe talks to Darts, Beers & Cheers!

Nicola Cowell
Nicola Cowell, book her now to bring glamour to your darts events!

OK Guys, try and hold the jealousy levels down a little bit now, as I’ve been ‘chatting’ with the legend that is Nicola Cowell, darts walk-on girl and most blokes fantasy darts fan! 🙂

If you’ve been watching Sky darts for any length of time you’ll have seen Nikki ensuring that the old men of darts manage to find the stage (how community minded of her!), famously partnered by the 1st Brunette of darts, Nicola Moriarty.

Nikki told me that she’s currently available for booking, so if you are holding or planning any darts exhibitions,  or maybe you’re a darts shop or website who need a recognisable model for a  photoshoot (especially one already tied so closely to the world of darts!), then you’d be mad not to think of the blond bombshell of darts! (that’s my words, not hers 😉 )   Either use my contact form to start an inquiry (and I’ll pass it on rather than pop her e-mail on here to be bombarded by drooling fans!), or get in contact with her agency direct; Rah Productions Agency, [email protected], 0844-800-2162.

Nikki sent me some of her answers to a previous interview she did alongside Nicola Moriarty… and a few pictures to show just what glamour she could add to any darts event!

Name : Nicola Cowell (Nikki)
DOB : 15/08/1987

Q. How long have you know each other?

About 2 Years

Q.  What do you do together in your spare time?

I love to work especially with mozza as we always have a laugh together and work well! When were both off we usually try and go out together once a fortnight for a few drinks/something to eat. We do a lot of work together  so it’s nice to go out after work and relax. Nicola Moriarty likes to try and make babies! haha

Nikki & Nicola
Nicola Moriarty brunette, and Nicola Cowell blond - dart's double top!

Q. Do you do a lot of jobs together?

Yes, we do get a lot of work together and as we know each other so well we work brilliant together and always enjoy ourselves on any job we do!

Q. Do you ever argue?

No Nicola is nearly 30, she’s like the mum and I’m too laid back to argue – we’ve never found anything to argue over and If there’s  ever any problems we’ll talk about it and compromise! The most it would be over is  – “who’s got to wear the less clothes”

Q. Do you go out shopping together, and if so what are you like when it comes to buying clothes?

Yes we’ve been shopping together and we’ve been phone shopping together (talking to each other on the phone telling each other what to buy). As we work together a lot we usually get matching outfits. Neither or us are high maintenance we both love our bargains, Its easier for us girls as we can get our clothes pretty cheap and dress them up without anybody realising! My best buy was a £10 dress from Tesco which has lasted me about 3 years – Its simply but very smart! It’s been worn on a few of the first darts walk-ons!!!

Q. What do you like to do in your spare time?

On the days that I’m off I like to go out with my mates, there’s a couple of us who have Quad bikes and Motocross bikes so we all go out to a track/woods and have a day out there! Its great when it’s been raining and we get absolutely covered in Mud! You definitely wouldn’t expect to see me walking on darts players after a day out on them! I also Love go-karting! I’m a big Kid really and love all the adventure stuff! I do go the gym every so often but don’t find it overly enjoyable! My friend is really into fitness so I go with her but give me a DVD, Fluffy dressing-gown and a Chicken Korma any night !!!

Nicola Cowell, model
Nikki showing off her next walk on outfit? IN YER DREAMS LADS!

Q.  Do you like playing xbox/playstation/ds etc?

I’d rather not tell anyone but I’ll share a secret with you all! I haven’t played Computer games for years and years and then about 2 weeks ago I bought ‘The Sim’s 3’ well – the only time I leave the computer now is to sleep, shower and eat! It’s the best game  since pacman and space invaders!!!

Q.  What’s your favourite food/drink?

My Favourite take-away food is Chicken Korma, Rice and coconut naan bread! If I go out to a restaurant I’ll order medium-rare steak with Diane sauce – side plate of chips and cheesy garlic bread! Propa Model Food!

Q. What would be your ideal night out and who would you like to spend it with?

Get me and easy jet flight to Ibiza with my mates (any darts fans are welcome)

Q. Where’s your favourite place to go on holiday?

Sun, Sea and Sand – Blackpool Beach baby!

Q.  What kind of music do you like?

Bit of everything! I was bought up listening to Queen, Every 5 hour drive camping trip we went on when we were younger Freddie Mercury would be blasting out the stereo – there and back!! In my car at the Moment I have some funky-house/David Guetta/ Bryan Adams/ Rod Stewart/ Frank Sinatra/ Alanis Morrisett/ Natalie Imbruglia/ Phil Collins –  I could go on!

The two Nicolas
My favourite darts double. Hope to see em together again soon

Q.  Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Moriarty will need to help me out! Errrrrmm Steven Gerrard/ Daglish/ Phil Taylor /Ricky Hatton/Mike Tyson

Q. What’s the best thing about your job/being a model?

The Best thing would be not having to sit in an office everyday especially in lovely weather and having the opportunity to work when I want or have as much time off as I want – Obviously there are downsides to it! I actually hate wearing make-up in the daytime but I’m grateful that I’ve been given the opportunities I have within modelling and I really enjoy all the work that I do – realistically I’m not going to stay young forever and there may be a time when I need to look at working in other areas – I love children and have a diploma in Early Years which I will eventually go into – But while I can I am going to enjoy myself and  make the most out of these Modelling opportunities that  I can!

Q.  Is there a part of your body/appearance that you hate?

Yes -My Legs! They’re too skinny and my knees are knobbly! Haha! I don’t think you could find many women who are completely happy with their appearance!

Q.  Can you describe your ideal man?

They would have to be taller than me (I’m 5”11 flat foot), down to earth ,  someone I can Laugh with and Share things with is really important because that man would also be my best friend, Someone who wouldn’t be possessive and  controlling as I do a lot of travelling with my job and I couldn‘t let any man hinder me in making my own money and having a career, My Ideal Man would be someone who brings me a bacon butty in bed when I’m sick and smiles while he’s making it and I’d smile picking up his dirty socks!!

Thanks to Nicola for getting in touch – I know a lot of the visitors to Darts, Beers & Cheers! are big fans.  Best wishes for the future, and lets hope we continue to see you on the walk-ons brightening our TV screens for many years to come!

Remember if you are organising a darts exhibition, or need a model for your darts shop/catalogue or website, then Nikki is available; Either use my contact form to start an inquiry (and I’ll pass it on rather than pop her e-mail on here to be bombarded by drooling fans!), or get in contact with her agency direct; Rah Productions Agency, [email protected], 0844-800-2162.