PDC Pro Tour; Derby Sunday Draw and Results

PDC Pro Tour; Derby Sunday Draw and Results

The draw is out for Sunday’s pro tour event in Derby – and I’ll be updating the results as I get them here as always.  I’m at home today, after a cracking day at the darts yesterday.

Gary Anderson's own darts
I looked after Gary's darts for a while this weekend, so I thought I'd take a picture! It must have been my lucky touch, haha.

Gary Anderson wins the day and the £6,000 top prize, beating Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright in the final.  I hear he hit two 131 checkouts, BOTH of them going t17, and two double tops!

It was a fantastic weekend for John Part, who suddenly is back to near his best, with some great results coming.  I’m told he’s pointed towards his new Cosmo darts and flights as the reason for the return to form, so who knows.

Peter Wright continues to impress, with a final today – he’s going to be making most TV tournaments for a while to come now.

Players Championship 18 (Derby, Sunday)

Fourth Round  Losers £600

Wes Newton 6-3 Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright 6-4 Adam Smith-Neale
Paul Nicholson 6-5 John Henderson
Kirk Shepherd 6-4 Wayne Jones
Gary Anderson 6-1 Denis Ovens
Mark Webster 6-1 Mick Todd
John Part 6-1 Justin Pipe
Nigel Heydon 6-2 Alex Roy

Quarter-Finals  Losers £1,000

Peter Wright 6-2 Wes Newton
Paul Nicholson 6-1 Kirk Shepherd
Gary Anderson 6-2 Mark Webster
John Part 6-4 Nigel Heydon

Semi-Finals  Losers £2,000

Peter Wright 6-5 Paul Nicholson
Gary Anderson 6-5 John Part


Peter Wright  2-6 Gary Anderson
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000

Final – leg-by-leg
Peter Wright v Gary Anderson

0-0 – Peter Wright wins the bull and will throw first
0-1 – Wright misses double top and ten for a 91 finish, and Anderson lands double ten to break in 15 darts.
0-2 – Anderson finishes a 12-darter with a classy 131 finish of treble 17 and two double tops to move 2-0 up.
1-2 – Wright finishes 86 in two darts for a 14-darter to get off the mark.
1-3 – Anderson repeats his earlier 131 checkout in the same manner to regain a two-leg cushion.
1-4 – Anderson breaks in 14 darts as the players continue to trade ton-plus scores, only for Wright to miss double eight, four and two for the leg before Anderson nails double top once more.
2-4 – Wright hits a 180 and is first to a finish, but after missing four darts for the leg is given a reprieve when Anderson sees two darts miss double top, and he returns to post double five and break back.
2-5 – Anderson breaks back, hitting two 140s and double ten in a 14-darter to move a leg away from victory.
2-6 – Wright hits four scores of 100 or better to be first to a finish, but again misses his chance as three darts at double 12 and six miss their target, and Anderson hits tops to seal the win.

Round 1

Board One
Wes Newton (1) Bye
Dyson Parody 6-0 Mike Roberts
Dave Chisnall (32) 6-5 Chris Thompson
Jason Crawley 6-1 John Walton

Board Two
Michael Smith 6-2 Andy Smith (16)
Michael van Gerwen 6-4 Mareno Michels
Steve Beaton (17) 6-3 Andy Jenkins
Kevin McDine 6-4 Darren Johnson

Board Three
Jamie Caven (8) Bye
Brian Woods 6-0 Martyn Turner
Dennis Smith (25) 6-2 Ian White
Adam Smith-Neale 6-5 Andy Pearce

Board Four
Vincent van der Voort (9) Bye
Nick Fullwell 6-2 Nicky Bache
Peter Wright (24) 6-4 Robert Thornton
Magnus Caris 6-1 Matt Padgett

Board Five
Paul Nicholson (5) Bye
Steve Evans 6-2 Gary Welding
Andy Hamilton (28) 6-5 Steven Pearson
Andy Brown 6-3 David Coyne

Board Six
Colin Lloyd (12) Bye
Andy Relf 6-3 Matthew Edgar
Steve Farmer (21) 6-3 Steve Grubb
John Henderson 6-3 Peter Manley

Board Seven
Ronnie Baxter (4) Bye
Matt Clark 6-4 Michael Barnard
Wayne Jones (29) 6-0 Dave Honey
Roland Scholten 6-3 Paul Rowley

Board Eight
Kevin Painter (13) Bye
William O’Connor 6-5 Adrian Gray
Shaun Griffiths 6-5 Mervyn King (20)
Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Louis Blundell

Board Nine
Gary Anderson (2) Bye
John O’Shea 6-2 Darrell Claydon
Dennis Priestley (31) 6-3 Brendan Dolan
Mark Frost 6-1 Andrew Hibbert

Board Ten
Alan Tabern (15) 6-0 Ryan Harrington
Chris Aubrey 6-3 Steve Hine
Denis Ovens (18) 6-1 Dylan Duo
Ian Jopling 6-0 Paul Schofield

Board 11
Mark Walsh (7) Bye
Darren Whittingham 6-1 Andy Hutchings
Terry Temple 6-5 Steve Brown (26)
Mick Todd 6-5 Raymond van Barneveld

Board 12
Mark Webster (10) Bye
Adam Hunt 6-4 Kevin Dowling
Richie Burnett (23) 6-2 Scott Rand
Barrie Bates 6-4 Nigel Birch

Board 13
John Part (6) Bye
Michael Mansell 6-2 Matt Jackson
Mark Hylton (27) 6-3 Gary Mawson
James Richardson 6-1 Steve Maish

Board 14
Justin Pipe (11) Bye
Reece Robinson 6-2 Stephen Hardy
Co Stompe (22) 6-4 Peter Hudson
Dave Smith 6-4 Joe Cullen

Board 15
Simon Whitlock (3) Bye
Andy Pearson 6-3 Geoff Whitworth
Nigel Heydon 6-2 Tony Eccles (30)
Mark Dudbridge 6-1 Adrian Bolitho

Board 16
Terry Jenkins (14) Bye
Tony Ayres 6-2 Mark Jones
Colin Osborne (19) 6-2 Wayne Atwood
Alex Roy 6-1 Simon Burt

Second Round  Losers £200

Wes Newton 6-5 Dyson Parody
Dave Chisnall 6-4 Jason Crawley
Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Michael Smith
Kevin McDine 6-4 Steve Beaton
Brian Woods 6-5 Jamie Caven
Adam Smith-Neale 6-5 Dennis Smith
Nick Fullwell 6-5 Vincent van der Voort
Peter Wright 6-1 Magnus Caris
Paul Nicholson 6-2 Steve Evans
Andy Hamilton 6-0 Andy Brown
Colin Lloyd 6-2 Andy Relf
John Henderson 6-5 Steve Farmer
Matt Clark 6-3 Ronnie Baxter
Wayne Jones 6-4 Roland Scholten
Kevin Painter 6-5 William O’Connor
Kirk Shepherd 6-4 Shaun Griffiths
Gary Anderson 6-1 John O’Shea
Dennis Priestley 6-5 Mark Frost
Chris Aubrey 6-3 Alan Tabern
Denis Ovens 6-5 Ian Jopling
Darren Whittingham 6-3 Mark Walsh
Mick Todd 6-5 Terry Temple
Mark Webster 6-2 Adam Hunt
Richie Burnett 6-2 Barrie Bates
John Part 6-5 Michael Mansell
James Richardson 6-5 Mark Hylton
Justin Pipe 6-5 Reece Robinson
Co Stompe 6-2 Dave Smith
Simon Whitlock 6-0 Andy Pearson
Nigel Heydon 6-5 Mark Dudbridge
Tony Ayres 6-4 Terry Jenkins
Alex Roy 6-4 Colin Osborne

Third Round Losers £400

Wes Newton 6-5 Dave Chisnall
Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Kevin McDine
Adam Smith-Neale 6-1 Brian Woods
Peter Wright 6-4 Nick Fullwell
Paul Nicholson 6-4 Andy Hamilton
John Henderson 6-2 Colin Lloyd
Wayne Jones 6-3 Matt Clark
Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Kevin Painter
Gary Anderson 6-1 Dennis Priestley
Denis Ovens 6-4 Chris Aubrey
Mick Todd 6-5 Darren Whittingham
Mark Webster 6-5 Richie Burnett
John Part 6-3 James Richardson
Justin Pipe 6-5Co Stompe
Nigel Heydon 6-4 Simon Whitlock
Alex Roy 6-3 Tony Ayres