MvG Wins the Unibet Masters

MvG wins 2016 Unibet Masters
MvG wins 2016 Unibet Masters (Pic Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

What a comeback Dave Chisnall gave us yesterday, after being 8-0 down to suddenly turn that around to win the match!  Def game of the day for me.  There was some rusty players on show too, with some low average games after the long break since the worlds.  Hopefully some of that rust will have been knocked off now, and things will get going today.

Two more sessions to complete this mini-tournament (and not a Major as I’ve argued on twitter).  With Anderson out, will MvG hoover up yet another win?   Taylor looked pretty good with yet another iteration of his target darts – gone are all the nobbly grip bits, and they look much more machined grip now.

2016 Unibet Masters, Sunday January 31
Afternoon Session (12.45pm)

Kim Huybrechts 5-10 James Wade
Vincent van der Voort 4-10 Dave Chisnall
Phil Taylor 10-9 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 10-3 Michael Smith
Best of 19 legs

Evening Session (7pm)

Dave Chisnall 11-6 James Wade
Michael van Gerwen 11-10 Phil Taylor
Best of 21 legs


Dave Chisnall 6-11 Michael Van Gerwen
Best of 21 legs

Chizzy produces a great comeback
Chizzy produces a great comeback (Pic Lawrence Lustig/PDC)