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NEW FEATURE:  I’m pulling in the highly secret (well not really) new twitter feed which the PDC have in place for their events.  It has come about because they now have people manning laptops at pro tour and TV events keeping bang on up to date with live scores – ready to sell in game betting data to the bookies.

Results includes the PDC Pro Tour events (selected matches).  Each match average and score is displayed in the following feed.

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  1. karldon mccarter 4 years ago

    how can adrian lewis become world no 1 ,if he wins this tournament,he has 2 world titles and is current world champion,but hes won nothing else,???????????????????????

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    1. Krispy 4 years ago

      Because on 2 year total won, he will be ahead of Phil (£200K a pop for each world championship!).

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    2. martin 3 years ago

      Sorry but he wont be as he is 222 thousand behind taylor

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      1. Krispy 3 years ago

        Martin this was some time ago, when Lewis did overtake Taylor for a day or two. A bad Worlds for Lewis this year and he drops back

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    3. andrew bell 3 years ago

      Adrian lewis cannot become world n umber 1 taylor secured this when he reached quarter finals

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  2. Ricodol74 2 years ago

    only Michael van gerwen can become no1 …if he wins this tournement which give him £250.000 (not £200k as said by krispy)

    at the moment the order of merit is:

    Phil taylor £ 748,350 (Phil won £10.000 for 2nd round, so he has after this £758.350)

    Michael van Gerwen £ 540,650 (if Michael wins the final he gets £250.000, so he has then after this £790.650)
    Adrian Lewis £ 437,400 (if Adrian wins the final he gets £250.000, so he has then after this £657.400)

    so only van Gerwen can get the no 1 position if he wins the PDC World Championship

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    1. Krispy 2 years ago

      Please look at the dates of posts.. when I said that it was 200K .. and that was early 2012.

      and you’re not adding it up right anyway – Adrian wouldn’t be on that – you’re not taking off what they won 2 years ago.. it’s a 2 year rolling ranking so you have to take off what they did in 2011 (lewis has 200K to come off, so if he wins this year, he’d add £50K not £250K)

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